Dr. Renee Baker Makes Sense About Dollars in Podcast Interview

Dr. Renée Baker capped off Financial Literacy (#FinLit) Month in April as a guest on the “Disruptive Forces Podcast,” a series featuring Neuberger Berman’s seasoned investors who discuss trends transforming the investment industry and beyond. The episode was entitled “Making Dollars and Sense: The Critical Role of Financial Literacy.”

As a subject-matter expert in finance, Dr. Baker provided a rundown on the current state of financial literacy and how understanding it is the foundation for managing money. She shares insights on topics such as building emergency funds, chronic debt, and social and economic contributions.

“It’s bigger than knowing how to budget, save, and invest,” Dr. Baker says in the episode. “It’s really about navigating financial risk, which are really effective to helping to achieve financial stability and achieving our financial goals.”
Are Gen-Z Americans the most disillusioned demographic when it comes to finance? Is digital innovation helpful or harmful in financial planning? Which generation is most pessimistic about social security but is astute about financial literacy? Tune in and learn the answers to these questions from Dr. Baker and so much more in this 30-minute Disruptive Forces Podcast.