Dr. Renée Baker End Term as Chair of Admiral Society

When I first took on this role, I was filled with excitement and determination on what was to come for this new leadership society, Admiral Society. Today, as I look back on our journey, I am humbled and overwhelmed with pride in our collective accomplishments. We have activated new programs and initiatives, amplified our outreach, and engaged deeply with the community, making a significant and lasting impact showcasing representative philanthropy in action.

Our efforts have brought tangible results: we have welcomed new members, retained our dedicated core supporters, and expanded our influence and reach in Tampa Bay. Our programs and projects have not only produced measurable outputs and meaningful outcomes but have also created a lasting impact that will benefit our community for years to come.

I am especially proud of our ability to face challenges head-on and seize opportunities with enthusiasm. Whether through our fundraising campaigns, community initiatives, or the countless volunteer hours contributed by our members, we have demonstrated the power of collaboration and the profound difference we can make together.

As I step down, I am confident in the future of the Admiral Society. Our new leadership is poised to build on our successes, bringing fresh energy and vision to our mission. I encourage each of you to remain engaged, share your ideas, and support our incoming Chair, Gary Hartfield, and co-Chair, Matthew DePasquale with the same dedication and enthusiasm you have shown me.

Thank you for your trust, support, and unwavering commitment to United Way Suncoast Admiral Society. It has been an extraordinary experience to lead this incredible leadership society, and I am excited to see the continued growth and success of the Admiral Society.