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Hi there, I’m Dr. Renée Baker. My career has been a journey through the financial services industry and climbing up the corporate ladder before making the voluntary bold move to focus on entrepreneurship full-time. From holding leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies and leading Wall Street firms to launching my businesses, I am passionate about helping people nurture a growth mindset, driving business leadership, and cultivating a positive and inclusive culture. These experiences have reinforced a crucial belief in me: “The best is yet to come.” I’m here to inspire and guide others in their journey toward success and excellence.

When I speak, it’s my passion to make each topic as impactful, actionable, and engaging for the audience. I love to help others feel confident about who they are and comfortable sharing their truth. My interests and expertise cover a range of subject matter areas, but I focus primarily on financial education, entrepreneurship, leadership and women empowerment.

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Welcome to “The Unleashed Life” with Dr. Renée Baker, where authenticity meets entrepreneurship, and listeners are empowered to live on their own terms. Dr. Baker, a renowned entrepreneur, author, and economic empowerment expert, guides you through a transformative journey that combines sophistication with a touch of realness in every episode.

In this sensational podcast, you’ll explore the essence of being “Unleashed” – breaking free from societal constraints, embracing your authentic self, and navigating the journey towards economic empowerment. Dr. Renée brings a unique blend of sophistication and realness that captures the spirit of the modern, empowered woman. Launching Summer 2024!

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